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The Wall

Award-winning visual technology driven by innovation

The Samsung Wall is a next-generation display, delivering previously unattainable image presentation through Micro LED technology.

With never-before-seen picture quality in an awe-inspiring scale, Samsung The Wall is more than a TV – it’s a revolutionary visual experience that must be seen to be believed.

Display Solutions
Display Solutions

LED Signage

Get large-scale LED signage for unbelievable clarity. Samsung LED technologies showcase a detailed and realistic picture.

Samsung has deployed thousands of displays worldwide, including some of the largest, most complex and recognizable LED video displays installations in the world

“Samsung is committed to changing the way fans experience live events through technology”

said Harry Patz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, B2B Enterprise Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Our product portfolio lends itself to seamless integration in a variety of industries, including sports applications”

Display Solutions
Display Solutions

Window Display

Thoughtful, engaging content in a storefront window has the power to engage customers and ultimately lead them into the store. Samsung’s OMN Series displays not only deliver an image with flawless clarity, but also are designed to maintain its superior picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight – a common challenge for conventional in-window displays.

In addition, with a slim and sleek design, the OMN series is compatible with any window layout and highlights the sophisticated and modern style of the brand.

The OMN series also delivers bright and clear images while consuming a low amount of power, which positions businesses to reduce overall costs and optimize efficiency considerably.

Standalone* Conventional semi-outdoor New OMN series
Brightness 350~700nit 2,500nit 4,000nit
Polarized sunglasses compatible
Resistant to direct sunlight
Motion visuals
Embedded software
Depth about 60mm about 140mm 54.5mm
Power consumption It varies depending on models 385w** 350w**

* Here, standalone signage refers to QMN series and conventional semi-outdoor signage refers to OMD-W series.
** Power consumption was tested at the highest brightness of each product.

Display Solutions
Display Solutions

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